5K, this weekend!

Hello parents!!

The time has come, the big race!! The day all your lovely girls have been practicing for!

Remember to make sure they eat a lot of healthy food before the race. The night before try to have a meal filled with carbs and protein, like spaghetti and meatballs!! Before every race in high school, I would make my little sister spaghetti and she would eat a ton of it!! The morning and day of try to have healthy meals that are full in protein. Avoid sugar and carbonation, so no treats or soda! Wait until after the race for a special treat!

Make sure your girls drink a lot of water as well so they are super hydrated for the race.

Get excited for them! They have been working so hard all season for this race and want to make you proud!

Remember to be downtown at 6th and Jefferson for the YMCA Halloween Run at 5:30, race starts at 6:30!!

See you on Saturday!

Have a great weekend!



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