White Pine Elementary

Team White Pine is off and running! We have five returning girls so the rest of our team are first timers including two of our coaches, Head Coach Lexie and Lauren our intern from Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Both are doing an amazing job!  We have had some girls transition in and out these first few weeks but hopefully our team is set now. This week we completed our Practice 5K. The weather was perfect and luckily cooler than it had been lately. The winner came in at just over 38 minutes!  Other teams better watch out for her! As an incentive for working hard each girl got to carry our school mascot for at least one lap. They thought that was great fun.  We had a water station/rest area set up and positive message signs all around our field encouraging them on. When we were done, Coach Lisa handed out homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, parent helper Mary made them little goody bags, and Coach Pam gave each girl and coach a T shirt that came from our neighboring school Timberline HS, that had our same Wolves mascot on the front.  Our girls loved it all!   Everyone is looking forward to the actual race! Go White Pine Timberwolves! We heard from a parent recently that they are definitely seeing positive changes in their daughter at home. More joy, less anxiousness, more involvement with peers. She feels it is all related to the positive messages that she is receiving from GOTR!  It warmed our hearts! _MG_2771

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