End of the GOTR Season!

Parents! Congratulations! The season is over, we made it!

It was so awesome to see all the girls at the 5K and the coaches have loved watching them grow throughout the season. As the season ends try to remember to help your girls stay active! There are many fall and winter activities you can engage in as a family!

Here are some ideas:

  • Sign up for a group class like gymnastics, dance or karate
  • Dance in your house to your favorite tunes
  • Invent new indoor games and adventures ex:camping inside
  • Hopscotch or hula hoop or jump rope
  • Indoor mini golf or bowling
  • Go on a scavenger hunt inside or outside!
  • Go on a family walk and take pictures of the changing leaves
  • Winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, sledding
  • Go iceskating
  • Build a snowman, snow angel, have a snowball fight

There are so many things to do to keep active in the fall and winter!
Keep your imagination open and ask your girls if they have any great ideas on how to stay active.

Staying active and keeping up with healthy eating habits and exercise will ensure that your girls are ready to go when the weather warms back up.

Thanks for such a great season with Girls on the Run Treasure Valley!





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