Idaho Gives May 7


Idaho Gives was a huge success for us in 2013 & 2014!  Thanks to everybody who supported Girls on the Run Idaho.  Join us in 2015 on May 7th as we try to raise more money to support the girls in our program. 

Join Girls on the Run as we gather with other non-profits on May 7, 2015 to raise $500,000 in one day.

Inspired by the successes in other states, nonprofit leaders in Idaho are planning a one day online giving campaign to raise $500,000+ from 5,000 donors, to go directly to Idaho nonprofit organizations that participate.

Idaho Gives is providing us with a 24 hour window in which to collect donations, May 7th midnight to midnight. During the donation period there are also special prizes nonprofits can receive to amplify their donation amount. Idaho Gives will be looking into each program and identifying their top donor and top money donations, in order for them to win extra money. Idaho Gives will also be handing out Golden Tickets! From 9-6pm, on the hour, one donor’s name will be drawn out of an electronic hat and the organization that person supported will be given an extra $1,000 dollars!

Girls on the Run Idaho has set a goal to raise $5,000 for our program.  So we ask you, your friends, your family and all of our supporters to log on to and donate throughout this 24 hour period to help us grow healthy happy girls throughout our community. You know the way our program can change girls.  Let’s raise more funds so we can serve more girls in our community.

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