How is Girls on the Run different from other recreational programs?

  • Girls on the Run is much more than a running program. Our program follows a set curriculum that has been tested and proven to “statistically improve girls’ self-esteem and body image”. The curriculum involves games and games pieces that reinforce the key concepts in each day’s lesson so that girls are exposed to and encouraged to actively participate in making the connection between what the lessons are teaching and “real” life situations. Upon completion of the program girls not only have increased physical fitness, they are more confident and have a set of “tools” to deal with peer pressure and other issues of adolescence.

What if my daughter is not a “runner” or does not like running?

  • The name “Girls on the Run” can be deceiving. Girls on the Run is about trying your best, whether you are walking, jogging or running. Our program is completely non-competitive and designed for girls of ALL fitness levels. Girls are encouraged to continue moving through the games that reinforce the topic being discussed for the day. We provide an encouraging atmosphere where girls can feel comfortable just being themselves and going “their” speed.

How old does my daughter have to be to participate?

  • Girls on the Run participants need to be at least 8 years old and in 3rd-5th grades.  Girls on Track participants are in 6th-8th grades. At this time Girls on Track is not offered in the Treasure Valley. 

How much does it cost?

  • Girls on the Run Idaho has a sliding fee scale based on household income.
    Household Income Registration Fee
    >$50,000 $110
    $20,000-$50,000 $70
    <$20,000 $40

Why does it cost more than some other programs like soccer or other track programs?

  • As mentioned above, Girls on the Run is more than a recreational program and we are part of an International program that requires us to pay for the curriculum that we use and a fee for each girl that participates. Also, unlike recreational sports our program uses games to emphasize and reinforce the lessons that we teach. Most of these games have parts and pages that need to be replaced each season.

What if the girl is unable to pay the registration fee?

  • Girls on the Run Idaho has scholarships available for all income levels. Please call the office at 388-4687 and we will work with you.

Who are the GOTR coaches?

  • All Girls on the Run coaches are volunteers that have been trained by the Girls on the Run Director, are CPR certified, have gone through a child abuse prevention training and have passed a background check.  They are school faculty, parents, and community members that are dedicated to encouraging and mentoring the girls throughout the season.

Can my daughter participate at a school that she doesn’t go to?

  • Yes, your daughter can participate at any location as long as she has transportation. Girls on the Run coaches are not allowed to drive any of the participants.

Does it cost extra to participate in the 5K race at the end of the season?

  • Yes, because not all participants are able to participate in the 5k we don’t add that cost to our Girls on the Run registration fee. All girls (and family members) that participate in the community 5k must fill out a race registration and pay the registration fee that has been reduced for Girls on the Run participants.

Do we have to attend the 5K race at the end of the season?

  • The community 5k is not a requirement; however, it is a HUGE accomplishment that all of the girls have trained during the season for and are able to complete. All girls complete an in-class 5k and are prepared for the community race. This is a great opportunity for family, friends, and other GOTRs to support and encourage each other in a celebration of what they have accomplished during the season.

How do I start a program in my daughter’s school?

  • Please refer to our “Locations” section and download the “Site Application” for information on starting Girls on the Run at a new location.

Can my daughter repeat the program?

  • Absolutely, yes!! We have a number of girls that repeat the program. We alternate between three separate curriculums that compliment each other but provide different games and discussions on similar topics. Because the group dynamic changes with each new group every season the discussions and experiences that are shared differ, thus offering new points of view.

How many times is the program offered during the year?

  • Girls on the Run Idaho is offered twice a year. The spring season runs from the beginning of March through mid-May and the fall season runs from September through November.
  • NOTE: These are two separate seasons so girls need to register for each season.

Why is the number of participants limited?

  • Because Girls on the Run is based on the discussions and processing of the information we must limit the size of groups so that there is ample time for all girls to participate. It also makes the group more manageable and safe for the number of coaches that are present.

When are registrations accepted?

  • Registrations will be accepted until a site is full or until the second week of the program (whichever comes first).

What should my daughter wear and bring to the sessions?

  • Your daughter should wear comfortable clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and sweats are the best options). Remember that most days the girls will be outside so they will need to dress appropriately and layering may be necessary.
  • Girls need to wear socks and athletic shoes. If girls show up in sandals, flip-flops or other shoes that are not safe to run in she will be able to participate; however, she will not be able to run. Running barefoot is never allowed.
  • A water bottle so that she can stay hydrated during the session.
  • A positive, can do attitude

Can I observe / help my daughter’s group?

  • You are welcome to observe the group from a distance; however, no adults will be allowed to participate with the group, help out, or have close contact with the girls unless they have completed a background check and commit to being a team member. Coaches will be available after the first session to meet you and answer any questions. We are committed to our participants and their safety so if you ever have any questions or concerns you may always call the Girls on the Run office at 388-4687 and speak with the Director.

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