Staff & Board of Directors

Melissa Bixby – Council Director 

Melissa Bixby has been Council/Program Director since 2009.  Before becoming Council/Program Director Melissa had been involved in Girls on the Run as a coach.  She coached at various locations in Boise for 5 years.  Melissa is a casual runner who enjoys the occasional half marathon.  When she is not preparing for a Girls on the Run season she classifies herself as a reader, wine taster, solver of puzzles and champion of the rubiks cube.  She lives in Boise with her husband, their 6 year old daughter and the furry ruler of the house, Bella, a Corgi.

Board of Directors
Melinda Hinson-Neely, Hinson-Neely, LLC
Holly Johnson, TownSquare Media
Lorene Oates, West Valley Medical Center
Marnie Packard, PacificSource
Kat Parker, Coach
Wendy Rich, Title Nine
Jeannette Risch, Consultant
Karen Sander, Downtown Boise Association
Kathleen Simko
Carrie Westergard, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


4 Responses to Staff & Board of Directors

  1. Paige Ceku says:

    It says that registration opens today, but there is not a link to register. Am I missing it somewhere?

  2. sandy Weaver says:

    I appreciate girls on the run. I have a question, how come it ends with 5th grade? I believe that the 6th grade girls could continue to be encouraged to apply the lesson they have learned so far. Janoxia has enjoyed this program more than any other she has been in. She will be 6th grade next year and would like continue in the group. Are there any other groups such as this one for 6th grade?

    Thank you
    Sandy Weaver

    • gotrboise says:

      Sandy, nationally there is a program that goes from 6th-8th grade called Heart and Sole. Here in the Treasure Valley we have tried to implement it, but it has been tricky because it’s a whole new program and all of our middle schools/jr highs are different grades (some are 6-8th, some or 7-9th). Because I’m a staff of one I have found that I have to focus on one program or the other and I choose to focus on GOTR. I’m so glad Janoxia has enjoyed the program. Maybe in a couple of years she would be interested in coming back as a Jr. Volunteer. As for other groups such as ours in the area, I don’t know of any that combine empowerment with physical activity. I would check with the YMCA or Girl Scouts to see if they might offer something similar. Thank you so much for supporting GOTR. Have a great summer.

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