Running Buddy

Site Running Buddy: Site running buddies are present at a site/location to encourage the girls during their warm-up and workout sessions.  Running buddies must attend a site in a consistent manner, but are not responsible for facilitating any of the curriculum lessons.

Community 5K Running Buddy:  Community 5K running buddies attend the community 5K and encourage the girls while celebrating their accomplishments of completing a 5K.  Running buddies are walkers, joggers and runners.  The Spring Community 5K is at the beginning of May.  The Fall Community 5K is at the end of October.

All Running Buddies must pass a background check.

4 Responses to Running Buddy

  1. Olivia says:

    How do I become a running buddy?

    • gotrboise says:

      Hi Olivia,

      Are you interested in being a running buddy at a specific site for all 10 weeks of the season, or would you prefer to be a community running buddy for our GOTR 5K on October 26th? Either way you need to fill out our Running Buddy Application and send it into the GOTR office. We just updated our form and I haven’t gotten it on the website yet. I’ll email the form to you. Let me know what position you are interested in and I will give you more details. Thanks! Melissa Bixby – Program Director

  2. Shawndell says:

    Would love to be a running buddy and help young girls get into shape. I thought this would be a way to give back and help me get some exercise. Where do I sign up at.

    • gotrboise says:

      Shawndell, thank you for your interest in being a running buddy. Our fall season will begin in September and we will be looking for running buddies at some of our locations as well as for our 5K. Check back then and see if it will work for your schedule. If you would like to be put on our enews list to be notified of other opportunities, please let me know and I’ll add you. Thank you!
      – Melissa Bixby, Director

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