What’s being said

What Girls say is the most important thing they learned during Girls on the Run

  • “That I can stand up for myself”.
  • “To be happy with myself”.
  • “I am beautiful the way I am”.
  • “I learned that if I persevere I can do what I set my mind to”.
  • “I learned that I feel proud about myself when I do a 5k”.
  • “The most important thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter if you are skinny”.
  • “I learned to be much more confident”.
  • “That I am athletic”.
  • “That you should believe in yourself and try your best”.
  • “Treat yourself with respect”.
  • “The most important was I could have confidence in myself”.

Parents’ responses about their Girls on the Run experience

  • “This is a great program that I am constantly telling other parents to enroll their daughters in”.
  • “It teaches girls to be proud of who they are and accept others as they are. It teaches girls how to stand up for themselves.”
  • “Wonderful experience for my daughter.”
  • “Growth of self-esteem and positive role models that teach self-respect other than parents”.
  • “We are just amazed at how well our daughter did her first year! Way to motivate these girls!”
  • “Great program! I would encourage my daughter to enroll again in the future”.
  • “My daughter ran the 5k at practice and felt such a sense of accomplishment.”
  • “My daughter is not particularly out-going at school and this has given her the opportunity to socialize with other girls her age in a very positive environment.”
  • “My daughter has enjoyed every moment of Girls on the Run.  She is consistently pushing herself and encouraging her friends.”