Why Do You Run?

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There are several valid reasons for an individual to run/jog/walk.  It is a great form of exercise.  It’s also a good way to relieve stress or let off steam.  Running takes you outside, on trails or on pavement, through hills or neighborhoods, and can put you in close contact with the critters of nature.  Some say that running is how they find their inner peace.  For all these reasons, and more, I say “run on!”

For me, I look forward to the days I can run for two reasons – my son, and myself.  Last year, my adult son decided that he wanted to walk/run a half marathon.  For 12 weeks, we trained together at least two days each week.  The other run days during the week were solo days, where we ran at different times.  I really enjoyed my days with my son.  We would talk about anything that was important that day – schedules for the week, homework (as both of us are in college), movies and music, or the fungus growing between his toes.  It was our time to catch up with each other.  I valued every minute of those runs.  Fortunately, since the boy is such a good sport, he still runs with his old Mom on the weekends.

I also run for myself.  My solo runs are “my” time.  The quietness of early morning runs are the time I let my mind wander.  Morning runs seem to give me the strength for the rest of my day.  Afternoon runs or evening walks are when I decompress from the day’s events.  I can let go of whatever burdens I had been schlepping around that day and come back to center.  Life’s little stressors don’t seem that bad after a run.  Of course, not all days require a run for stress relief.  There are those afternoon runs that are fueled by excitement or joy, like getting an “A” on an exam.  This may sound corny, but my solo run renews me.

The girls in the Girls on the Run program are experiencing, maybe for the first time, the joys of running.  They are finding their pace, learning about positive self-talk, and taking an introspective look at their values.  The girls are learning to find their groove.  To that, I say “groovy!”

What are the reasons that you run?  Do you enjoy being outdoors, or do you like the energy found in a gym?  Maybe it’s the only time in the day you get to be alone with your thoughts.  As you are running for all the reasons that matter to you, keep in mind that you are also helping a young girl explore her reasons to run.

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